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1024563 Gear 3P2810 Gear 7T9542 Gear-Ring
1052485 Gear 3P2983 Gear Sun 8P1916 Gear
1052486 Gear 3P3059 Gear 8P1918 Gear
1052487 Gear 3P3060 Gear Sun 8P1919 Gear
1058727 Shaft Axle 3P3096 Gear Sun 8P1948 Gear
1058735 Gear 3P3098 Gear 9C6023 Pinion
1104799 Gear-Planet 3P3242 Shaft 9C8074 Gear Planet
1104802 Gear 3P3245 Shaft 9C8075 Gear Sun
1125585 Shaft Planet 3P3246 Shaft 9C8276 Shaft Pinion
1127309 Shaft 3P3418 Gear 9C8277 Gear Bevel
1217583 Gear 3T6175 Gear 9G0290 Hub
1217585 Gear Ring 3T6176 Gear 9P7757 Gear
1492914 Pinion Bevel Gear 6I8510 Housing Transmission 9P8516 Gear
1598169 Gear 6P5751 Gear 9P8614 Gear
1878981 Gear Ass. 6P6739 Shaft 9P8623 Shaft
2008627 Shaft As 6T3720 Gear 9P8626 Gear
2336755 Pinion-Dif Bevel 7G0283 Gear Ring 9P9031 Gear
2497870 Gear 7G2476 Gear Planet 9U0971 Gear Sun
2840001 Hub 7G2486 Gear Planet 9W3898 Gear Planet
3564199 Shaft-Pin Bevel 7G2516 Gear Planet 9W8270 Gear
4233959 Bevel Gear 7G3457 Gear Planet 9W8433 Shaft A
1V8604 Gear 7T9370 Gear Planet 9W8437 Gear-Sun

Company Closure


We inform you that G.A. Ricambi will be closed
from August 8th to 16th.

G.A. will be back on August 19th.


Closed for Summer holidays




Berco BPR2


Undercarriage technologies

with a century of experience


Berco Mining Products offer a range of innovative solutions for the undercarriage components needs for machines operating in mines.

The most valuable is the BPR2 chain system.


Chains with “BPR2 ™” (Berco Pin Retention 2) which ensures the operational life of the components.


The chains with BPR System (both standard and arctic use) are no longer available; they have been replaced by BPR2™ System which are suitable for low & high temperature use. (click here to see)


D9 – Table of substitution between BPR to BPR2

D10 – Table of substitution between BPR to BPR2






Machine breakdown?

Ask for G.A. Express Service


Machine breakdown is one of the most complex and expensive unexpected cost in our sector as it leads to a forced shutdown of production with consequent loss of time and money.

G.A. Ricambi perfectly understands how important it is to help the customers in difficulty, quickly and professionally especially when they are in emergency, and it has studied a new service: G.A. Express Service.


This project, guarantees same-day shipping for orders within 02:00 pm.

To take advantage of the G.A. Express Service is simple: choose the appropriate option on our e-commerce. If you don’t have it yet, hurry up to request the credentials.

The service is available for shipments over 150 € and it provides a cost equal to 10% of the value of the spare parts purchased.


Do not waste time, do not waste money, take advantage of our G.A. Express Service !






Electrical and starting system

Being the heart of the machine’s electrical system, the Starting Motor and the Alternator are the elements that turn on the engine and that convert the mechanical energy into electrical energy.

G.A. Ricambi cares about it and for this reason it supplies only high quality spare parts from the main manufacturers in the market:

Delco Remy®, Prestolite®, Bosch®, Denso®, Nikko®, Valeo®.


It is easy to discover what you need with the label information only.

Starter Motor Alternator


Our brands for Earthmoving

Our brands for Truck






G.A. Ricambi from Italy and SOOSAN HEAVY INDUSTRIES from South Korea.

A great cooperation that coming from an Official Distribution.




Model Weight Suitable Excavators
SB10II TS-P 102 kg 0.8 ~ 2.5 ton
SB20II TS-P 126 kg 1.2 ~ 3.0 ton
SB30II TS-P 152 kg 2.5 ~ 4.5 ton
SB35II TS-P 224 kg 3.0 ~ 5.5 ton
SB40II TS-P 295 kg 4.0 ~ 7.0 ton
SB43II TS-P 375 kg 6.0 ~ 9.0 ton
SB45 TS-P 571 kg 7.0 ~ 14 ton
SB50 TS-P 861 kg 11 ~ 16 ton
SB60 TS-P 1297 kg 15 ~ 18 ton
SB70 TS-P 1500 kg 16 ~ 21 ton
SB81 TS-P 1766 kg 18 ~ 26 ton
SB100 TS-P 2071 kg 25 ~ 30 ton
SB121 TS-P 2632 kg 28 ~ 35 ton
SB130 TS-P 2833 kg 30 ~ 45 ton
SB140 TS-P 3090 kg 36 ~ 42 ton
SB151 TS-P 3991 kg 40 ~ 55 ton
SB Line TR-F Series

SB Line TS-P Series

ET Line TR-F Series

SQ Line Silenced Series

…  …  …

The best offer and range on the market, but the models are many!

On the left an example of the SB Line TS-P Series’ range.

The best selling series.




Crusher & Processor Multi function: crusher and processor will offer full production capacity without you need a dedicated tools for every demolition job.

SOOSAN use various interchangeable jaw sets.


Hydraulic Pulverizer Posher Perfect tools for secondary demolition and recycling of concrete.


Demolition Grab Suitable for multi purpose work such as demolition, sorting, loading/unloading, screening, excavation …


Mini Crusher For all kind of work that need particular small equipment.



Cranes & Drill


Of course G.A. Ricambi can offer you the complete range of SOOSAN like Cranes and Drill.

Two section of SOOSAN that continuously growing.