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Part Number Description Weight BULLDOZER
1043133 Carrier 35,3 |D9N|D9R|D9T|
1102662 Gear-Sun 4,61 |D10R|D10T|D10T2|
1102665 Shaft-Planet 1,825 |D10N|D10R|D10T|D10T2|D9L|D9N|D9R|D9T|
1109286 Gear 0,82 |D10R|D10T|D10T2|
1127309 Shaft 0,755 |D10N|D9N|D9R|D9T|
1210025 Gear-Ring 14,05 |D11R|D11T|
1210027 Gear-Planet 1,805 |D11R|D11T|
1346030 Shaft-Planet 4,77 |D11R|D11T|
1434758 Shaft 11,18 |D11R|D11T|
1645808 Gear-Sun 2,695 |D9N|D9R|D9T|
1878981 Gear Ass. 4,725 |D9T|
1884655 Gear As 16,88 |D11R|D11T|
1M4156 Gear 8,605 |D9G|D9H|
2076937 Gear-Planet 16,33 |D11R|D11T|
2768185 Gear-Sun 46,215 |D11R|D11T|
2768186 Gear-Planet 32,28 |D11R|D11T|
3P2810 Gear 5,84 |D9L|
3P3059 Gear 4,06 |D10N|D9L|D9N|D9R|D9T|
3P3096 Gear Sun 4,125 |D9N|
3P3098 Gear 7,075 |D9L|D9N|D9R|D9T|
3P3245 Shaft 0,77 |D10N|D9L|D9N|
3P7558 Shaft A 0,835 |D10|D11N|D11R|D11T|
3P7563 Gear 4,885 |D10|D11N|D11R|D11T|
3P7586 Gear 21,785 |D10|D11N|D11R|D11T|
3T1789 Pinion 34,295 |D9L|D9N|
4M1666 Gear Bevel 38,65 |D9G|D9H|
4N1119 Gear 0,1 |D10N|D9L|D9N|D9R|
6P3901 Shaft A 0,89 |D10N|D10R|D10T|D10T2|D9L|D9N|D9R|
6P5751 Gear 13,15 |D10N|D9L|D9N|D9R|D9T|
6P6739 Shaft 0,48 |D10N|D10R|D10T|D10T2|D9L|D9N|D9R|D9T|
6T3720 Gear 5,735 |D10N|D9L|D9N|D9R|D9T|
7G2476 Gear Planet 0,48 |D10N|D10R|D10T|D10T2|D9L|D9N|D9R|D9T|
7G2492 Gear Planet 0,995 |D9G|D9H|
7G3435 Gear 7,26 |D9L|D9N|D9R|D9T|
7G3457 Gear Planet 0,65 |D10N|D9L|D9N|D9R|D9T|
7G3467 Gear Planet 0,835 |D10|D11N|D11R|D11T|
7G3469 Gear Planet 2,2 |D10|D11N|D11R|D11T|
7G3470 Gear Planet 1,18 |D10|D11N|D11R|D11T|
7G5622 Gear 1,41 |D10N|D10R|D10T|D10T2|D9L|D9N|D9R|
7T8136 Shaft 0,59 |D9R|D9T|
8E7860 Gear 23,195 |D10N|D9N|D9R|
8P4047 Shaft 0,5 |D10N|D10R|D10T|D10T2|D9L|D9N|D9R|D9T|
8P5761 Pinion 18,83 |D9G|D9H|
8P6222 Gear 14,69 |D10|D11N|D11R|
8P6241 Gear 22,705 |D9L|D9N|
8P7242 Shaft A 1,445 |D10|D11N|D11R|D11T|
8P7246 Gear A 5,99 |D10|D11N|D11R|
9G1918 Gear 2,645 |D10N|D9L|D9N|D9R|D9T|
9G1919 Gear 0,895 |D10N|D10R|D10T|D10T2|D9L|D9N|D9R|D9T|
9M2074 Gear 8,36 |D10N|D10R|D10T|D10T2|D9L|D9N|D9R|
9P3320 Gear 101,5 |D9N|D9R|D9T|
9P3366 Gear 14,205 |D9N|D9R|D9T|
9P3429 Gear Final Drive 7,335 |D9N|D9R|D9T|
9P3467 Shaft 4,87 |D9N|D9R|D9T|
9P3471 Gear 24,6 |D9N|D9R|D9T|
9P3555 Gear 128,26 |D10N|D10R|D10T|D10T2|D9L|
9P3801 Shaft 5,225 |D10N|D10R|D10T|D10T2|D9L|
9P5531 Gear 4,15 |D10N|D9L|D9R|D9T|
9W5167 Pinion 35,605 |D10N|D9N|D9R|
9W5768 Gear Ring 5,96 |D10N|D10R|D10T|D10T2|D9L|D9N|D9R|D9T|
9W9099 Gear 1,51 |D11R|D11T|
9W9100 Shaft 2,08 |D11R|D11T|
9W9132 Gear-Planet 8,135 |D10N|D10R|D10T|D10T2|
9W9133 Gear-Sun 27,47 |D10N|D10R|D10T|D10T2|
9W9134 Gear-Planet 22,465 |D10N|D10R|D10T|D10T2|




Part Description Weight Kg Motor Graders
1109286 Gear 0,82 |24H|24M|
1232876 Gear 27,14 |24H|24M|
1232877 Gear As 34,2 |24H|24M|
1473312 Spindle 82,5 |16G|16H|16H NA|
1484467 Gear-Sun 8,355 |24H|24M|
1484468 Gear-Planet 10,69 |24H|24M|
1878981 Gear As 4,725 |24M|
2695767 Shaft-Planet 5,29 |16M|
2698417 Gear-Planet 9,055 |16M|
2724978 Spacer 0,02 |16M|
2728011 Carrier As 88,5 |16M|
2P4433 Gear 3,73 |16G|16H|16H NA|
2P4522 Gear 1,025 |16G|16H|16H NA|
2P4523 Gear 1,72 |16G|16H|16H NA|
3P1666 Gear 2,625 |16G|16H|16H NA|
3P3246 Shaft 0,715 |24H|24M|
3T6175 Gear 30,73 |24H|24M|
4248845 Carrier-Planet 39,27 |16M|
4505243 Shaft 20,685 |16G|16H|16H NA|16M|24H|24M|
4505244 Pinion 7,745 |16G|16H|16H NA|16M|24H|24M|
5T8059 Worm 8,87 |16G|16H|16H NA|16M|24H|24M|
6T3720 Gear 5,735 |24H|24M|
7D2626 Gear 57,5 |24H|24M|
7G2476 Gear Planet 0,48 |24H|24M|
7G2510 Gear Planet 0,775 |24H|24M|
7G3453 Gear Planet 1,06 |16G|16H|16H NA|
7G3454 Gear Planet 0,275 |16G|16H|16H NA|
7G3455 Gear Planet 0,645 |16G|16H|16H NA|
7G3456 Gear Planet 1,045 |16G|16H|16H NA|
8D1671 Gear 10,97 |16G|16H|16H NA|
8D1858 Gear 30,205 |16G|16H|16H NA|
8D2106 Pinion 17,05 |16G|16H|16H NA|
8W9150 Gear-Diff Bevel 11,44 |24H|24M|
8W9151 Pinion 5,735 |24H|24M|
8X4028 Gear Worm 17,64 |16G|16H|16H NA|16M|24H|24M|
8X5699 Pin Transmission 8,24 |24H|24M|
8X8378 Washer 0,04 |16G|16H|16H NA|16M|

Company Closure


We inform you that G.A. Ricambi will be closed
from August 8th to 16th.

G.A. will be back on August 19th.


Closed for Summer holidays




Berco BPR2


Undercarriage technologies

with a century of experience


Berco Mining Products offer a range of innovative solutions for the undercarriage components needs for machines operating in mines.

The most valuable is the BPR2 chain system.


Chains with “BPR2 ™” (Berco Pin Retention 2) which ensures the operational life of the components.


The chains with BPR System (both standard and arctic use) are no longer available; they have been replaced by BPR2™ System which are suitable for low & high temperature use. (click here to see)


D9 – Table of substitution between BPR to BPR2

D10 – Table of substitution between BPR to BPR2






Machine breakdown?

Ask for G.A. Express Service


Machine breakdown is one of the most complex and expensive unexpected cost in our sector as it leads to a forced shutdown of production with consequent loss of time and money.

G.A. Ricambi perfectly understands how important it is to help the customers in difficulty, quickly and professionally especially when they are in emergency, and it has studied a new service: G.A. Express Service.


This project, guarantees same-day shipping for orders within 02:00 pm.

To take advantage of the G.A. Express Service is simple: choose the appropriate option on our e-commerce. If you don’t have it yet, hurry up to request the credentials.

The service is available for shipments over 150 € and it provides a cost equal to 10% of the value of the spare parts purchased.


Do not waste time, do not waste money, take advantage of our G.A. Express Service !






Electrical and starting system

Being the heart of the machine’s electrical system, the Starting Motor and the Alternator are the elements that turn on the engine and that convert the mechanical energy into electrical energy.

G.A. Ricambi cares about it and for this reason it supplies only high quality spare parts from the main manufacturers in the market:

Delco Remy®, Prestolite®, Bosch®, Denso®, Nikko®, Valeo®.


It is easy to discover what you need with the label information only.

Starter Motor Alternator


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